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What is Improper Equipment and How Can it Help my Speeding Ticket?

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Improper Equipment is a very low level traffic offense, called a "non-moving" violation, which results in no points assessed against your driver's license, and no increase to your North Carolina auto insurance premium. An "IE" reduction is widely considered to be the best possible reduction available for traffic tickets in North Carolina. There are many misconceptions around Improper Equipment and how and when it can be used in cases. Often ...

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What is the true cost of a speeding ticket in North Carolina?

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North Carolina has some of the most punitive traffic laws in the country. You can keep your insurance rates low and affordable, but don't get a speeding ticket! John Kho at calculated the true cost of a North Carolina traffic citation, and it doesn’t look pretty. 

The court costs and fines for your North Carolina speeding ticket range between $188 and $238 on average ($188 court ...

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