Driving Schools Outside North Carolina

We've compiled a list of in-person driving schools in a variety of states for folks who need one outside North Carolina.

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Getting Your Driving Record

Find instructions for getting a copy of your driving record from any state.

How To Obtain Your Driving Record

Court Document Examples

Not sure what that document the court asked for should look like? Check out these examples of things like liability letters and community service letters.

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NC Driving Privilege Reinstatement Instructions

The full process for restoring your driving privileges in North Carolina.

NC Driving Privilege Reinstatement Instructions

NC Courthouse Locations by County

We keep a list of every North Carolina county's courthouse location.

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Request a Review of Your NC Driving Record

License suspended? Not sure what to do to get it back? Click below to learn more about how we can help.

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Community Service Opportunities

If the resolution of your case requires some community service hours, you may want to use this list to find a good organization to work with.

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Registration Alternatives

If you're unable to update your registration, there are some alternatives that might be acceptable. We've written up the options here.

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NC Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment Locations

Here's our list of substance abuse assessment and treatment locations in North Carolina organized by county.

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Immigration Information

This is a starting point in learning about what the consequences to your immigration status might be.

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