Help! I lost my North Carolina traffic ticket. Where can I find my case information?

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If you've lost your speeding ticket or traffic citation, the first concern is that you don't miss your court date. If you missed your court date, you can be assessed a $200 additional fine on top of court costs, have your license suspended, and, for serious matters, possibly get arrested. We'll speak further about missed court dates in a future post. If you think you've missed your court date, please call a North Carolina traffic attorney as soon as possible.

2019 Update:

Even if you've somehow lost or misplaced your speeding ticket or traffic citation, you can usually find your case details right on our website, By entering your name and the county in which you received your citation on our homepage, our proprietary software will search the NC court record database for your case. Once our system locates your case(s), you can easily proceed to hire our firm to handle the matter(s) for you.

Assuming your court date has not passed, if you lost your North Carolina speeding ticket or traffic citation, you should visit the North Carolina Court System website to search for your case. If you cannot remember the county in which you received your citation, feel free to leave that blank. It's important to note when searching that you should enter your name as LAST,FIRST with no spaces before or after the comma. You'll be able to see the county in which you received your citation, your charges, and court date. If you cannot find your case in the NC Court System website, that may mean that you have missed your court date.

You can contact the Administrative Office of the Court at (919) 890–1000 or call one of our North Carolina traffic lawyers at (919) 200-0822 and we'll assist you.

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