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Chapel Hill Law Firm Celebrates 1,000 Five Star Reviews and 5,000 Hours of Employment for Adults with Autism

Orange Alamance Chatham Traffic Attorney Dan Hatley and the team
(PRLEAP.COM) is a law firm currently serving 36 counties in North Carolina. They have just passed the benchmark of 1,000 five star reviews on Google. As an extra milestone, they have also provided over 5,000 hours of employment for adults with autism in Chapel Hill.

Like many traffic attorneys, advertises by mailing letters directly to people who get traffic tickets in the counties ...
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3 Steps for Dealing with Your Chapel Hill Speeding Ticket

Orange County Traffic Court in Hillsborough NC

1. Keep Calm and Do Not Carry On

We know it’s hard, but keep in mind, the officer is just doing his/her job. Signal and pull over at a safe, well lit location. Turn on your hazards, keep your seat belt fastened, and your hands visible. Becoming aggressive or argumentative will make matters far worse for you. Often, being polite and cooperative may help you in the short ...

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Can I Take a Driving School to Get Out of My Traffic Ticket?

dwi defense attorneys

There are 100 counties in North Carolina and each county has different policies and procedures for handling criminal matters and traffic citations. With that said, depending on the county in which you receive your traffic citation or speeding ticket, completing a driving course may give you a better chance at obtaining a more beneficial outcome. I want to be clear that it is very uncommon for you to "get out ...

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