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iTicket.law® is proud to partner with the wonderful people at Extraordinary Ventures, Inc. (evnc.org) for our direct mailing needs. For those who don't know, Extraordinary Ventures is a non-profit located in Chapel Hill, NC that provides employment for adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

If you've received one of our blue letters in the mail, you have touched firsthand the product of their hard work. Each week, a crew of 8-9 EV employees work on our mailing project. First they print our letters, then they expertly fold and stuff them into our trademark blue envelopes. Next, each letter is stamped by hand before finally being sorted and taken to the post office. While this might seem pretty easy to you, this work is strenuous and demanding for the people at EV. Starting with just a few letters a day in the beginning, our contract now covers tens of thousands of letters per month.

iTicket.law® values the work of our partners at EV and especially the men and women who put so much energy and effort into ensuring that you know about our great service.

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