Can I Take a Driving School to Get Out of My Traffic Ticket?

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There are 100 counties in North Carolina and each county has different policies and procedures for handling criminal matters and traffic citations. With that said, depending on the county in which you receive your traffic citation or speeding ticket, completing a driving course may give you a better chance at obtaining a more beneficial outcome. I want to be clear that it is very uncommon for you to "get out" of your ticket (AKA have your ticket dismissed) by completing a driving school course. More realistically, the course can be viewed positively as a mitigating factor by a member of the court during negotiations for a reduction of your charges. In many North Carolina counties, driving schools are required for young defendants (21 and under) before the DA's office is willing to negotiate a potential reduction. However, that is not the case in all counties and every case is unique. AAA, DSJ, StreetSafe and SafetyNC are some driving schools that we recommend. Before spending the money on a course, make sure to consult with a traffic attorney to determine if it may be beneficial in your case and county.