Receiving a Traffic Citation in North Carolina as an Out-of-State License Holder

winston salem traffic ticket

When non-North Carolina drivers receive a traffic ticket in this state, they can be confused on the best way to handle the matter. Many are told by police officers to just pay the ticket off online. However, drivers should keep in mind that police officers are not trained in traffic law, and, even with good intentions, are not trained attorneys and often don't give sound legal advice. 

Even if you live in another state, paying off a traffic ticket in North Carolina is pleading guilty to the offense, which would be accepting any consequences that may come with the charge. These consequences can often be applied in your state. The DMV of many different states share information, called reciprocity, and license points in NC have the possibility of carrying over to another state. 

Some out-of-state drivers may think they do not have to deal with the ticket at all. However this can also lead to further issues. If you miss a court date in North Carolina, the court can enter a Failure to Appear (FTA) on your case file 20 days after your missed court date. Then North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your driving privileges, and notify your state. This in turn likely will also suspend your license within your state, and it will not be lifted until your North Carolina ticket is closed. 

Our North Carolina Traffic Attorneys can seek to get your case re-calendared for as soon as possible, and work to close it out with as little impact to your driving privilege. Once your case is closed, there is a reinstatement fee that must be paid to the North Carolina DMV in order for the suspension on your driving privileges to be lifted.