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¿Cuál es la peor pena por una condena de un DWI en Carolina del Norte?

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Así que comiste un gran almuerzo y no pudiste soportar el tirón extra alrededor de la barriga, digamos que te atraparon y que tu hijo decidió moverse fuera de su asiento de seguridad, tal vez estabas en un viaje rápido a la tienda justo al final la carretera.

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En Carolina del Norte, Hay 6 niveles de sentencias por conducir en estado de ebriedad desde que se promulgó la Ley de Laura en 2011. La Ley de Laura introdujo la sentencia obligatoria más severa para los ofensores más graves de condenas agravadas de nivel uno.

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dwi defense attorneys

Many North Carolina drivers are unfamiliar with the vast number of traffic violations that they can be charged with. It truly is baffling, sometimes. Some charges can sound fairly simple but can actually be very serious in the eyes of the court. Others seem similar, but actually carry very different consequences. Two charges of this nature are ‘No Operators License’ and ‘Driving While License Revoked’. These two charges get confused …

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It is not uncommon for the following scenario to happen to many drivers in North Carolina: You are pulled over for a simple violation such as speeding or expired tags. After the officer runs your driver’s license, he or she proceeds to tell you that your license has been revoked for some months now, and now you have an additional charge of Driving While License Revoked, which is a class …

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