Can my speeding ticket suspend my North Carolina drivers license?

nc speeding violatoin.jpg

North Carolina has some of the toughest, most punitive traffic laws in the country. Before you go to court to pay your ticket or try to pay your speeding citation online, it's very important to consult a traffic attorney to know the full legal ramifications. Oddly enough, it's very easy to accidentally get your NC drivers license suspended by paying off a "simple" traffic ticket.

Any speeding conviction that exceeds 80 mph is a misdemeanor that suspends your license. How simple is it to accidentally hit 81 mph when driving in a 70 mph zone on I40? Music, kids, phones are distracting. Without cruise control, we know it's easy. 

Additionally, any speeding conviction over 15 mph over the limit in a 55 mph zone or higher is also a misdemeanor that comes with a license suspension. A "harmless" 71 mph in a 55 mph zone would do just that.

Give our traffic attorneys a call today about your case. Our team of traffic lawyers and assistants can walk you through your case and talk about possible negotiated reductions that can save your license and insurance. Do go it alone. We're there for you.