Ever heard of "9 you're fine, 10 you're mine?"

north carolina police officer speeding ticket.jpg

Is it true that speeding only 9 mph over the limit in North Carolina will not impact your auto insurance? Yes, and no. Under certain circumstances, a low-level moving violation, such as 9 mph over the limit (say, 54 mph in a 45 mph zone) can have no impact on your North Carolina auto insurance.

Due to NC Department of Insurance law, speeds under 10 mph are to be forgiven if other criteria are met. By law, insurance companies in North Carolina must forgive a speeding ticket of less than 10 mph over the limit if you have no active license points. If our traffic attorneys are able to negotiate with the District Attorney to have your speeding charged reduced down to just 9 mph over the limit, we would lower your speeding ticket violation sufficiently to avoid any suspension of your license and misdemeanor conviction.

A 9over reduction does lead to a speeding conviction with two to three license points accumulated (2 points if the speed limit is less than 55 mph and 3 points if the speed limit is more than 55 mph), but these points will not impact your insurance premium if you have no active license points and would be removed from your driving record after three years.

Such an outcome is widely considered one of the best possible reductions in North Carolina, because it preserves your Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) for future use. Based on the average NC insurance premium, this outcome often saves drivers over $1,600. Please be advised that there are further insurance company restrictions. A 9 over is NOT available if anyone on your family's insurance policy has had a forgiven at-fault accident in the past three years. Court costs and fines for a 9 over reduction usually range between $210.00-250.00, but can sometimes be more, and are due to the court by mail or online payment within 20 to 40 days after your case is closed.

Give our North Carolina traffic lawyers a call today if you'd like to learn if a reduction to 9 mph over the limit is the best possible outcome for your case.