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Will a speeding ticket in NC affect my driving record in a different state?

NC Police officer traffic ticket

In most cases, your North Carolina speeding ticket will affect your out-of-state driving record. The reason is because most states are part of the Driver License Compact (DLC). There is reciprocity for the states that have signed the DLC, meaning that traffic citations issued in the state of North Carolina get reported to your home state. This usually results in your home state treating your speeding ticket as though it ...

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What is the worst penalty for a DWI conviction in NC?

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The worst penalty for a conviction of Driving While Impaired in North Carolina, Attorney Benson says, is 36 months in prison and a $10,000 fine when you have a 3rd DWI conviction in 10 years. It's considered Habitual Impaired Driving. This conviction is considered a felonly and you lose your license for life and there are no appeals allowed by the NC DMV. 

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Why Choose Hatley Law Office to Handle your DWI Charge? Traffic Lawyers and Admin team

Receiving a Driving While Impaired (DWI) charge in North Carolina can be one of the most stressful times of your life. The next morning, you don't know where to turn and don't know where to start to try to pick up the pieces or seek out legal options.

If you hire Hatley Law Office, we will work to reduce or eliminate the damage that a conviction of Driving ...

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Bad Weather Driving Tips

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Summer has come, and along with it, the season’s storms. Within the past few weeks, North Carolina has experienced a plethora of thunderstorms that have led to adverse conditions for drivers. Conditions that have the potential to decrease an individual's ability to drive. All is fun in a day's drive until its pouring and the wind is gusting.

The conditions produced by storms such as rain, fog ...

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What's up with North Carolina Seat Belt Laws?

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So you ate a big lunch and couldn't bear the extra tug around the tummy, say you got pulled and your child decided to wiggle out of his or her car seat, maybe you were on a quick trip to the grocery store just down the road. Now you have a seat-belt ticket and are wondering what to do and where to turn. Among North Carolina's tricky traffic ...

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