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What's up with North Carolina Seat Belt Laws?

traffic stop

So you ate a big lunch and couldn't bear the extra tug around the tummy, say you got pulled and your child decided to wiggle out of his or her car seat, maybe you were on a quick trip to the grocery store just down the road. Now you have a seat-belt ticket and are wondering what to do and where to turn. Among North Carolina's tricky traffic ...

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Meet Madison Scott, Law Clerk and Future Attorney

Madison Scott Admin

Madison is a graduate from UNC Chapel Hill and headed to UNC Law in the fall. She grew up in both Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC and is proud to call both of those place home. As a rising law student, she is thrilled to be working with the attorneys at the Hatley Law Office. She’s happy to spend each day doing her favorite thing, meeting with and talking ...

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Penalties for Marijuana Related Charges in North Carolina

marijuana defense attorney

A major factor in North Carolina with regards to marijuana and paraphernalia possession penalties is whether you've had a prior conviction or not. NC has a structured system for sentencing. Your punishment could increase if you have a criminal record.

  • Class 3 Misdemeanor: For first time offenses, you can be sentenced to serve one to ten days in jail. However, you could possibly be sentenced to community service, probation ...
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What are North Carolina Marijuana Laws?

Police Officer Marijuana Handcuffs

Under North Carolina state law, marijuana is treated differently than other controlled substances. The NC Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services classifies narcotic drugs into different "schedules," which are based on the potential for abuse and the safety of the drug.

Marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids are in a class of their own, Schedule IV. The law states that "there is a need for further and continuing ...

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Types of Limited Driving Privileges in North Carolina for DWI

NC Limited Driving Privilege

There are countless variations of limited driving privileges in North Carolina. After being charged with DWI, there are some specific "LDP's" that may be most applicable. Attorney Tyler Benson,'s Lead DWI Defense Attorney says that there our office can assist with many of the DMV and license issues related to a driving while impaired charge and conviction. From NC DMV hearings to dispute issues such as ...

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