Why Hire an Attorney?


When you get a ticket, a lot of things go through your mind. Will my insurance go up? Will I get points on my license? Will I lose my license? Will this go on my criminal record? Should I hire an attorney?

While hiring an attorney can be stressful and confusing, it can also be the best decision you make regarding your ticket.

Let’s take a look at 2 scenarios:

John was driving on the interstate, got distracted, and got pulled over for speeding. Now he has a ticket for going 82 in a 70 zone. He has a clean record, and decides he doesn’t want to deal with hiring a lawyer, and pays his ticket off online. Unfortunately for John, now he has to deal with a 90% increase to his insurance premium for the next 3 years, and a 30 day suspension of his driver’s license.

Now let’s see another outcome:

John got a ticket for 82 in a 70. He has a clean record, and knows that his best option is to try to reduce his charge with the help of an attorney. He visits iticket.law and hires an attorney within minutes. His attorney appears in court for him and negotiates a reduction that leaves him with nothing but a fine to pay. John rests easy knowing he has the ticket behind him.

How is iTicket.law different from the rest?

So we’ve seen that having an attorney can make a world of difference in dealing with your ticket, but how is iTicket.law different from a normal law firm? Here’s a list of some of the most important differences between us and them:

  1. 24/7 online access to information and updates about your case (handle your case all from your phone)
  2. Local Attorneys across the state
  3. Proven Track Record (5000+ reviews)
  4. Instant phone and email notifications when there are case updates
  5. Exceptional customer service
  6. 100% satisfaction guarantee

Not only does iTicket.law offer clients exceptional legal experience and expertise, we also strive to provide quality customer service. In the words of our CEO Tom Kuell, “we are a customer service company that happens to practice law.”