How Accidents Can Impact Your North Carolina Auto Insurance

north carolina auto accident ticket.jpg

Getting into an accident can be a very scary and stressful experience. In North Carolina, when a driver is involved in an accident, in many cases they may also receive a traffic citation. Common accident charges are: failure to yield; failure to maintain lane control; unsafe movement; lane change violation; failure to reduce speed. As many people know, being involved in an accident can have a negative impact against their insurance. However, what many do not know is that an accident can impact their insurance in two different ways. The first is from the accident itself. Depending on your insurance policy, your liability, and the severity of the accident, being involved in an accident can raise your insurance premiums. The second impact comes from the citation given from an officer after being in an accident. Like most other traffic violations, citations resulting from an accident can also affect your insurance. The goal of our office is to seek to dismiss or reduce these citations so as not to cause that second impact or "double" increase. If you have received an accident citation and would like a free consultation, please call our office today.