Can a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina be Dismissed?

NC Police officer traffic ticket

It is common for many drivers to believe that when they receive a speeding ticket, there is a high chance it can be dismissed. These circumstances can be but are not limited to:

  • Following traffic
  • Driving a rental car
  • Speeding up to pass semi-trailers
  • Not knowing road signs had changed
  • Speed not being recorded by radar
  • Clerical errors on the citation

Now while these so seem like valid reasons for a citation to be contested, the odds of a dismissal of a moving violation in North Carolina remain very low. Counties differ from one to the next, but across the board the odds are low. These circumstances often have little impact on how a citation can be handled, and do not warrant a dismissal of the charge, if you were, in fact, speeding. Dismissals are more commonly seen on compliance matters, or very low-level speeding tickets received in some specific counties. Fortunately, while dismissals are not the most common resolution, there are still many other resolutions that traffic lawyers can seek in order to avoid any negative impact against your license and insurance.