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Orange County Traffic Court in Hillsborough NC

1. Keep Calm and Do Not Carry On

We know it’s hard, but keep in mind, the officer is just doing his/her job. Signal and pull over at a safe, well lit location. Turn on your hazards, keep your seat belt fastened, and your hands visible. Becoming aggressive or argumentative will make matters far worse for you. Often, being polite and cooperative may help you in the short or long run when dealing with this citation. Feel free to ask questions, but don't admit guilt and don't be rude. The officer often leaves notes for the court about their interaction. If you choose to crumble up the ticket and throw it back at the officer, the likelihood of any positive reduction in court is next to zero.

2. Review Your Citation

Be sure to immediately look over your citation and check for errors! You don’t want to accidentally get charged with the wrong charge. For example, say you forgot your wallet at your house, but your license is active. Were you charged with Failure to Carry License? Or something incorrect and much more serious like No Operator License or Driving While License Revoked. Further, review your options. See how this kind of citation will impact your insurance and driver’s license. Every citation is different, and will involve different consequences. 

3. Consult an Attorney who Specializes in Traffic Law

After you've reviewed your citation and charges, we recommend speaking with a Chapel Hill Traffic Attorney.  Jokingly, we like to think of attorneys like plumbers. If you have a leaking pipe at your house and are highly experienced in handling such matters, you don't need to hire a plumber. However, if your YouTube tutorials just aren't clear enough and you aren't quite sure how best to handle the leak, it maybe be best to hire a professional. If you try to fix it, you could accidentally flood your house. Same concept. If you're not very comfortable with North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle and Department of Insurance Laws, getting what you think is a "good" outcome could possibly skyrocket your insurance premiums. We've handled tens of thousands of cases all over the state and offer FREE consultations. Give us a call at 919-200-0822. Let us give you back your peace of mind.*