Bad Weather Driving Tips

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Summer has come, and along with it, the season’s storms. Within the past few weeks, North Carolina has experienced a plethora of thunderstorms that have led to adverse conditions for drivers. Conditions that have the potential to decrease an individual's ability to drive. All is fun in a day's drive until its pouring and the wind is gusting.

The conditions produced by storms such as rain, fog, hail, dust, and lighting have the potential to create a handicap of sorts for all drivers on the road. These handicaps can include, but are not limited to, decreased vision and increased distraction. In case of these situations, it is important to remember some defensive driving techniques so that you as a driver do not get in an accident or pulled over. For getting in an accident can result in citations like Failure To Reduce Speed and Exceeding The Safe Speed, that if not reduced or dismissed, can produce points on both license and insurance. Here are some defensive driver tips in case you as a driver find yourself in adverse weather conditions.

  • Turn on low-beam headlights in storms, rain showers, fog, ect.
  • In fog, use your wipers and defroster in order to enhance vision
  • Delay your departure until conditions greatly improve
  • Lower your speed in accordance with the weather
  • Pull over and wait for the adverse conditions to improve

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