Driving Schools and Speeding Tickets in North Carolina

Online Driving School North Carolina

When you receive a ticket in North Carolina, depending on your age, the severity of your speed and how clean your record is, the District Attorney may only be willing to reduce your ticket down if you complete a driving course. The type of course required can vary based on the county you received your ticket. Driving schools can range from 4-hour online courses, to 8-hour in person classes, and everything in between. If the District Attorney asks for the class to be in person, an online-class will not suffice as a substitute. 

A common misconception is that if you live out of state, then you must come back to North Carolina to complete your driving course, however this is not true. If you live out of state, or even in a different county from where you received the ticket, as long as you find a similar course to the one required, it is usually accepted. Some drivers may think a driving course is always needed for their case, but it is best to consult with an attorney that specializes in traffic law first before signing up for one in order to avoid paying for a course you do not need. 

Driving courses also do not help to lower a ticket further that what the attorney recommends. Almost all counties will require that you send in the original copy of your certificate of completion, which can be mailed or dropped off to one of our many offices.