NOTE: Official NC DMV license restoration webpage: Click Here

Just because you are in possession of a physical license, your right to drive can still be revoked. Call the NC DMV's automated system at (919) 715-7000‬ to confirm your right to drive if you have any questions. Note, we are North Carolina attorneys and do not practice law in the 49 other states. Please consult an attorney in your state or your states DMV to confirm what is necessary.

Once you've paid your reinstatement fee, you will need to request a new copy of your license either on the DMV website or by visiting your local DMV licensing office.

For more information, please visit the NC DMV Website or call the NC DMV at (919) 715-7000 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are licensed out of state:

If you're licensed out of state and have had your driving privilege in North Carolina suspended because of a Failure to Appear matter, you likely need to have that privilege reinstated to remove the "hold" on your out of state license.

If your state requires a certified copy of your case’s disposition, you can request one by mailing a $3.00 money order with your name and case number on the memo line (example: "Firstname Lastname XXCRXXXXX) made out to the Clerk of Court in the county where your case was held to that County's payment mailing address

Included in the envelope, you should write that you are requesting a certified copy of your disposition with the specific file number. You should also include your name, phone number, and a self addressed stamped envelope so that they can mail the copy back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a permanent suspension and are now eligible for a DMV reinstatement hearing, the DMV hearing request forms can be found at

If you want to pay your NC Driver's License or Driving Privilege reinstatement fee:


  • Click here
  • Create an account
  • NCDMV Biller ID: 18857
  • Biller Account Number: Driver's License Number (without the leading zeros)

By Mail:

  • Mail check or money order made payable to "N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles" and mail to:
    • N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles
    • Fiscal Unit
    • P.O. Box 29615
    • Raleigh, NC 27626-0615
  • Include driver license/ID number (if known), full name and date of birth.


  • Visit your local DMV driver license office. (You can find an office near you by visiting this link and selecting only the office type "Driver License")
  • Follow the instructions given to you at the office to make your payment.