Should You Pay Your North Carolina Speeding Ticket?

After receiving a ticket, it may seem easier to simply pay the ticket online. Sometimes, the citing officer will even advise that you should pay your ticket to avoid going to court. While the officer may be well-meaning, it is unwise to take the advice of the person who has has just written you a ticket! Paying off your North Carolina speeding ticket in most cases is a very bad idea. It’s highly advisable that you speak to a traffic lawyer before paying your ticket. Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to seek a reduction, or even a dismissal, of your traffic citation.

Unbeknownst to many drivers, North Carolina has some of the most punitive (harsh) traffic laws in the country. Even lower level speeding violations can sometimes lead to a revocation of your drivers license. Before paying your ticket, it’s vital that you seek legal counsel from a North Carolina speeding ticket attorney to make sure you aren’t accidentally pleading guilty to an offense that might cause a revocation of your driving privilege or a drastic increase to your family's NC auto insurance premium.

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North Carolina Court Costs & Fines

When considering how to handle a ticket, you may find it compelling to look at the amount listed as due on the ticket as the only cost involved. To be fair, while the court costs and fines involved for your speeding ticket are expensive (ranging between $188 and $238 on average - $188 court costs plus $30–50 for the speeding fine itself), they're not unbearable. That said, these fees/fines are only the tip of the iceberg.

Real Consequences

How does a traffic conviction affect my North Carolina insurance costs?
Traffic Violation Conviction License Points Insurance Points Rate Increase
Speeding 76 mph in a 65 mph zone 3 4 80%
Speeding 82 mph in a 70 mph zone 3 4 80%
Passing a stopped school bus 5 4 90%
Reckless driving 4 4 90%
Illegal passing 4 2 45%
Running stop sign/red light 3 1 30%
Driving While License Revoked 3 8 195%

Aside from the court costs and fines, simply paying your ticket can result in devastating consequences. By paying your ticket, you are ADMITTING GUILT, which could potentially lead to license revocation or an increase of your insurance costs. While we would like to believe that the State of North Carolina would warn you before allowing you to make a decision that could suspend your driver’s license, give you a criminal record, and increase your auto insurance premium 80% or more over the next three years, that's not always the case. Our team of traffic attorneys are experienced in seeking the best outcome to avoid insurance increases and license suspensions. Give us a quick call today to see if paying off your ticket is the best course of action or if there is anything that can be possibly done to reduce or dismiss your speeding ticket.

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Paying North Carolina Traffic Ticket Online

How to pay your North Carolina speeding ticket

With all of this in mind, if you have a “waivable” traffic ticket and want to handle it without involving an attorney, you can pay the fine online (payNCticket), by mail, or in person within the time frame outlined on the citation. Paying off your ticket is not possible if you have a “non-waivable” traffic ticket. You must either appear for yourself or hire an attorney to appear for you. While we feel our representation is incredibly valuable in resolving almost any citation, this is especially true in the case of “non-waivable” offenses.

What to Know

If you aren't sure what the North Carolina Department of Insurance rules are regarding your citation or what the Department of Motor Vehicle impact may be, why not take a few minutes to give us a call today at 919–200–0822 for a hassle-free consultation. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable attorneys will point you in the right direction - whether it's okay to pay off your ticket or if it's best to seek a reduction in your case.

If you'd like to learn more about how accidents and traffic tickets impact your auto insurance, click to view the NC Safe Driver Incentive Plan.

Next Steps

Give our North Carolina traffic attorney a call at 919-200-0822 and we can walk you through what possible outcomes may be available in your case.

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