Upload your Community Service

In order to obtain a beneficial outcome in your case (Craven County - 23CR705191), please provide documentation that you have completed the required in person community service hours. Please note, where to complete these hours is totally up to you, so long as you do them with a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. However, it can not be completed online or at your own place of employment. You can find examples at this link here. Simply find a nonprofit organization you have an interest in and call them for details on how to volunteer. If the non-profit says they don't do "court-ordered community service", it may help to clarify that this is not through a probation office and that all you would need is a letter on letterhead that shows the hours you volunteered. A copy of your community service letter(s) or hours log on the non-profit's letterhead must be receive by our office AT LEAST one business day prior to your next hearing. If taking a picture, please place your document on a table, make sure it fills most of your camera screen, and take a picture that is clear and not blurry. Your case was scheduled to be heard on 01/23/2024 but we will seek to have it recalendared as soon as possible. We have put together a helpful resource for your reference with an example of an acceptable community service letter. Once you have the necessary documentation, you can easily upload your document using the link below.