Did You Receive a Traffic Citation in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, or Elsewhere in New Hanover County?

Traffic Attorney John Phillips and his team at iTicket.law are here to help. His goal is to seek an outcome that would avoid any impact to your license or auto insurance*. Attorney Phillips has years of experience negotiating tickets for clients and understands the intricacies of both traffic and insurance laws. Why not regain your peace of mind and let Attorney Phillips and his team fight your ticket for you?* While every case is unique, we have handled tens of thousands of traffic cases and often know the best legal avenues available to you.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney for Your New Hanover Traffic Citation?

In 2010, New Hanover county created an online portal that allows you pay your ticket in a few simple steps. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this process! While this may seem like a quick fix, you are one click away from pleading guilty to the charge and increasing your license and auto insurance points as outlined below. Do not pay off your ticket without first consulting with an attorney. Here at iTicket.law, we seek to offer the best of both worlds: professionals who are focused in traffic law as well as the use of twenty-first century technology that makes communication fast, simple, and easy!

How does a traffic conviction affect my NC insurance costs?

Traffic Violation Conviction License Points Insurance Points rate increase
Speeding 76 mph in a 65 mph zone 3 4 90%
Speeding 82 mph in a 70 mph zone 3 4 90%
Passing a stopped school bus 5 4 90%
Reckless driving 4 4 90%
Illegal passing 4 2 55%
Running stop sign/red light 3 1 40%
Driving While License Revoked 3 8 200%

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Traffic Attorney John Phillips at iTicket.law Will Fight For You

With Attorney Phillips on your side, you will feel fully informed and comfortable throughout every step of the process. From the moment you hire our services, he will directly contact you detailing his goals for your case. Attorney Phillips is ultimately seeking a reduction that will minimize the impact to your license and auto insurance*. Along with having a professional advocating on your behalf, you should not have to attend court. In essence, you could be saving both time and energy through investing in our service. If you have questions or concerns about your ticket or wish to discuss a more detailed approach to your specific citation, feel free to give us a call! Our office can walk you through a free consultation that will grant you back some peace of mind.

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Tickets that Attorney Phillips Handles in New Hanover County

(Include, but not limited to)

✓ Speeding

✓ Speeding in a School or Work Zone

✓ Following Too Closely

✓ Improper Turn or Lane Change

✓ Unsafe Movement

✓ Failure to Reduce Speed

✓ Careless and Reckless Driving

✓ No Operators License

✓ Expired Registration

✓ Driving While Impaired

✓ Driving While License Revoked

If you decide that Attorney Phillips is the best fit for your needs, we encourage you to give us a call at (919) 200-0822 or sign up online 24/7 at www.iticket.law. Hatley Law Office represents clients throughout NC and our 21st century online system makes hiring an attorney easier than ever.* If you have a traffic citation in Wilmington, North Carolina and don’t feel comfortable handling it yourself, please call us immediately. Thousands have and are happy. Check out our reviews on Google and have confidence in our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*.

Common Questions about New Hanover County Traffic Tickets


While it may seem easier just to pay off your ticket and put the ticket behind you, this is not the case. Paying off a ticket means pleading guilty to the original offense and this can have serious consequences. Paying off your ticket can cause your auto insurance rates to drastically increase, you could have points added to your drivers license, and your license can even be suspended. Attorney Phillips recommends consulting a licensed North Carolina traffic attorney before you consider paying off your ticket.

Attorney Phillips does not recommend contacting the court about your case without first speaking with an attorney, unless you're very experienced. It is the DA’s job to seek convictions and no member of the court can provide legal advice. Speaking to the court without first contacting an attorney is usually not in your best interest. Traffic Attorney Phillips and his team's knowledge can save you time and money in the long run.*

Each and every traffic case is unique. Therefore, each case can have varying court costs. Typically, court costs and fines can range anywhere from $188 to $300.

You will usually have 30 days after your court date to pay your court costs to the New Hanover County Clerk of Court. New Hanover County often permits online payments for court costs, however you can also pay via certified check or money order, or you can pay in person at the Clerk of Court’s office.

Attorney Phillips and his team can seek a dismissal of certain traffic citations. Charges than can potentially be dismissed include: expired registration, expired inspection, failure to reduce speed, unsafe movement, fail to maintain lane control, failure to yield, Driving While License Revoked, and even some low level speeding charges.

Sometimes. Additionally, by hiring our firm, you may potentially be able to save money by not having to do a driving course. All cases are unique, and if you want to speak with our Wilmington Traffic Attorney about your case, please give us a call. Certain alcohol and drug education courses coupled with community service can often be used in more serious cases such as DWI charges and Possession of Marijuana charges.

Attorney Phillips and his team have a great deal of experiencing handling a wide variety of cases. From clients dealing with their first ticket to clients with many traffic violations, Attorney Phillips has helped to minimize the effects that traffic tickets can have on your license and insurance. Even if your driving record is not perfect, we encourage you to contact us at (919) 200-0822 for a free consultation.

Your citation will indicate whether your appearance is required. However, Attorney Phillips can often appear in court without you needing to be there, with the exception of some more severe charges.*

The current elected District Attorney of New Hanover County is Benjamin R. David.

For more information on New Hanover County, please visit the New Hanover County Directory.

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