Improper Equipment Reduction for a Statesville Speeding Ticket

Improper Equipment, a type of reduction sometimes available in Statesville, NC is a very low level traffic offense, called a "non-moving" violation, which results in no points assessed against your drivers license and no increase to your North Carolina auto insurance premium. An IE reduction is widely considered to be the best possible reduction available in North Carolina. There are many misconceptions around Improper Equipment and how and when it can be used in cases. In many circumstances, speeding citations or other moving violation can be negotiated down to this low level infraction. If granted, it's usually as part of negotiations for lenience for a good driver.

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Due to several factors (i.e. driving history, speed charged, other case details), a traffic lawyer can negotiate with the District Attorney's office to seek to reduce your citation to this lower level offense. Based on the average NC family insurance premium, this outcome could possibly save you over $1,600 in increased insurance premiums over the next 3 years. Court costs and fines for an Improper Equipment usually range between $260.00-285.00, but can sometimes be more. Court costs for an IE reduction in Statesville are slightly higher than other possible outcomes due to additional fees/fines assessed by the NC General Assembly and/or District Attorney's office because of the very beneficial nature of this outcome.

Do not pay any speeding or traffic ticket without first consulting a Statesville, NC traffic attorney. It might be tempting to just pay off your own ticket, admitting guilt, but the potential negative outcomes of pleading guilty to your original offense could do anything from raise your monthly insurance premium to adding detrimental points to your license. Give us a call and we can seek to give you back your peace of mind. If you have any further questions about if an Improper Equipment reduction is possible in your Statesville speeding ticket case, please call our traffic attorneys today.

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