Did You Receive a Traffic Citation in Gastonia, Belmont, Mt. Holly, or Elsewhere in Gaston County?

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Experienced Traffic Attorney Keith Metz is on staff with iTicket.law. In North Carolina, traffic law can be an overly confusing tangled web of complex rules and regulations. If you were to try to handle your Gaston County traffic ticket, would you feel fully capable of navigating this system on your own? Do you know with whom to negotiate? Are you fully versed in North Carolina Traffic Law? Do you know NC DMV rules and regulations? If you don’t feel that fighting a traffic ticket on your own will result in the maximum level of reduction, it may be in your best interest to hire a Gaston County traffic lawyer. It can save you time and money.*

Why Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Gaston County, NC Traffic Citation?

Do not pay any speeding or traffic ticket without first consulting a traffic violations attorney. If you choose to handle your traffic ticket yourself, you may have to take valuable time off work to make multiple court appearances. Rather than bear that huge burden, Attorney Metz would be happy to take the stress off your shoulders by appearing on your behalf. It might seem sensible to simply pay off your traffic ticket to end the whole process, however, doing so means admitting guilt to the charge listed on your citation. A guilty plea can have serious consequences, including (but not limited to) insurance increase, license points, and even license suspension. For just 99$ for the average speeding ticket, Attorney Metz can work towards preventing these serious consequences, without you ever having to step foot inside the courthouse.*

How does a traffic conviction affect my NC insurance costs?

Traffic Violation Conviction License Points Insurance Points rate increase
Speeding 76 mph in a 65 mph zone 3 4 90%
Speeding 82 mph in a 70 mph zone 3 4 90%
Passing a stopped school bus 5 4 90%
Reckless driving 4 4 90%
Illegal passing 4 2 55%
Running stop sign/red light 3 1 40%
Driving While License Revoked 3 8 200%

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Traffic Attorney Keith Metz at iTicket.law Will Fight For You

Attorney Metz is hugely familiar with Gaston County and the greater Gastonia area. He is able to make use of years of experience at the Gaston County Courthouse in order to help you with your traffic ticket. Since his graduation from law school, Attorney Metz has gained an enormous amount of experience working to meet his client’s goals and has earned a reputation for having great legal know-how. Attorney Metz’s will work for you to seek to prevent any impact to your insurance and license. Why waste your time worrying about your traffic citation when you can rely on proven experience in Attorney Keith Metz.

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Tickets Attorney Metz Handles in Gaston County

(Include, but are not limited to)

✓ Speeding

✓ Speeding in a School or Work Zone

✓ Following Too Closely

✓ Improper Turn or Lane Change

✓ Unsafe Movement

✓ Failure to Reduce Speed

✓ Careless and Reckless Driving

✓ No Operators License

✓ Expired Registration

✓ Driving While Impaired

✓ Driving While License Revoked

If you do decide that hiring an attorney who specializes in traffic law is in your best interest, we encourage you to consider our office. With seasoned attorneys, offices all over the state, and a cutting edge technology-centric approach, we can seek to solve your traffic law problems quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to modernize the legal industry, bringing it into the 21st century. If you have a traffic citation in Gastonia, Belmont, or anywhere in Gaston County, North Carolina and don’t feel comfortable going to traffic court, please call us at (919) 800-0822. Thousands of clients have used our service and are happy with the decision to do so. Check out our reviews on Google and have confidence in our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*.

Common Questions about Gaston County Traffic Violations


In North Carolina, mailing in payment for the amount listed on your ticket means pleading guilty to the offense that is listed on your ticket. Admitting guilt can have serious ramifications such as sharp increases to your insurance rates, license points, and/or the suspension of your driving privileges. While it might seem convenient at first glance, paying off your ticket can have huge negative impact. Attorney Metz advises never paying off your ticket without first contacting a licensed North Carolina traffic attorney.

It certainly might be slightly cheaper short-term to represent yourself in court, because you will not have to pay an attorney retainer fee. However, often times it can be far more expensive long-term. You may not receive the most optimum level of reduction if you handle your case on your own, which can result in huge insurance increases. In order to make sure you get the best possible level of reduction for your traffic ticket to help minimize any long term costs, we urge you to contact an attorney who specializes in traffic law for a consultation.* If you decide to fight your ticket, your hearing will likely be continued to a future date, meaning you must miss then another day of work just to finalize your case. Traffic Attorney Metz's knowledge can save you time and money in the long run.*

Every Traffic case is unique and each possible reduction corresponds to a unique court cost and fine amount. Typical reductions can range anywhere from $0 (Voluntary Dismissal) to $283 (Improper Equipment). The following is a list of some common traffic ticket reductions and their corresponding court cost totals: Improper Equipment - $283 Speeding of 5/9mph over - $233 Prayer for Judgment Continued - $210 Speeding of 14mph over - $233 Reckless Driving - $233 Voluntary Dismissal - $0

In Gaston County, your court cost and fines are due to the Clerks of Court 20 days after your final court date. Improper Equipment reductions, due to their highly beneficial nature, have some different rules. Please contact our office for more information.

The current elected District Attorney of Gaston County is Locke Bell.

Absolutely. However, it's usually much more convenient for you to discuss your matter over the phone or via email. Attorney Metz spends the majority of his time at the courthouse, so meetings at our Charlotte office are available by appointment only. The address is 122 N. McDowell St. Charlotte, NC 28204. Unfortunately walk-ins are not allowed. Give us a call for a consultation or to make an appointment (919) 800-0822.

The answer depends on the speed the officer listed on your citation (the severity of the charge), your driving record (whether or not you have license points), and how the ticket is disposed. Certain reductions that Attorney Metz can seek for you can result in no impact to your insurance. We encourage you to call us at (919) 800-0822 for a free consultation to go over the specific circumstances of your case.

Even if you have many traffic tickets on your driving record, Attorney Metz will still work with you to help you achieve your goals in court. He has a great amount of experience helping clients with a wide range of driving histories. From clients navigating their first traffic ticket to clients with an abundance of past tickets, Attorney Metz can help.

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