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DWI Defense Attorneys

In North Carolina, a conviction for DWI is a serious matter that can include up to 36 months imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 (N.C.G.S. 20-138.1 and 20-179(g)). Under the best circumstances, a conviction for DWI in North Carolina will cause you to have your driver's license revoked for one year. However, it may be possible to have the court issue a Limited Privilege that will enable you to drive on a restricted basis during the period of revocation.

Why Choose Hatley Law Office?

We know that this is one of the most stressful times of your life. You don't know where to turn and you likely feel apprehensive about your legal options. Hatley Law Office will work to reduce or eliminate the damage a DWI can cause. Contact us today so that we can help take this weight off your shoulders. Together, we will walk through the next steps, develop a comprehensive strategy, and build the best defense available. We know North Carolina's laws and fully understand what officers of the court must do throughout the DWI process. We can spot strengths and weaknesses in your case. Based on these details, we can take it to trial if necessary and fight to to have you found not guilty.

We can assist you in navigating the DWI process and seek to obtain the best possible outcome for you. It will be necessary to speak with you personally concerning the events surrounding your arrest. After speaking with you, I will be able to provide you with an assessment of your case and an estimate of the cost to represent you. The initial telephone conference is free.
—Attorney Tyler Benson, Hatley Law Office Lead DWI Division

Important Issues You Should Be Prepared to Discuss With A DWI Attorney:

  • Why did the officer say he pulled you over?
  • Did you have a valid license at the time?
  • Have you ever been convicted of DWI before?
  • Was the stop part of a checkpoint?
  • Where did the stop occur?
  • Was there an accident?  If other vehicles were involved:
    • Was anyone injured?
    • How much was the property damage to each vehicle?
  • Was there anyone in the car with you?  If so:
    • What were their ages?  
    • Do they have any mental or physical impairments?
  • Did you admit to drinking or make any other statements to the officer?
  • Did you perform any field sobriety tests? Mainly:
    • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) eye test
    • Walk and Turn (WAT)
    • One Leg Stand (OLS)
  • Did you take a roadside Portable Breath Test (PBT)? What was the result?
  • Did you take an Intoxilyzer breath Test?  What was the result?
  • Were you notified of your rights before taking an Intoxilyzer breath  test?
  • Did you call for someone to witness the intoxilyzer breath test?
  • Was blood drawn from you?

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