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Tom Kuell


As a graduate of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, Tom loves making things work and getting things done. He’s convinced that there’s one thread that connects the world’s best companies: an obsession with customer service. He believes, like all of us at, that our clients are important - we are a customer service company that happens to practice law. And with 7,000+ five-star reviews, he seems to be right. Tom is a serial entrepreneur. He’s had a myriad of experiences before joining the team. He managed a restaurant, has his real estate license, lived in China for a year, started successful businesses to employ adults with developmental disabilities in Chapel Hill, and a custom menswear company in China. He believes that there is so much change we can affect in our community and the only thing he loves making more than businesses is a difference. Tom loves football, pretending to eat healthy, going to the movies, playing any kind of sport, and celebrating life’s little wins. He is married to his lovely wife, Lauren, and they have three wonderful daughters.

Tom is not admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction.

To reach Tom, please email Veronica Darrow at